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My PreFlight Links  Belen Airport


Windy tv Belen  Magdalena Ridge Observatory


Windy tv Magdalena Ridge  Manzano Mountains


Windy tv Manzano Mountains




  Launch Code, Belen


3 day forecast Belen / Alexander Airport

  Launch Code, Albuquerque


3 day forecast for Albuquerque Airport

  Launch Code Double Eagle


3 day forecast for Double Eagle Airport

  Launch Code Winds Aloft ABQ


6,12,24 hr winds aloft forcast for ABQ




  Weather Underground





Seven Day Forcast for E80 (Belen)

     Magdalena Ridge Observatory


10541 ft Weather Station near Magdalena

     Santa Fe Ski Area Observatory


10459 ft Weather Station at Santa Fe Ski Area

     VLA Weather Station


VLA Station in center of San Agustin Basin




  ADDS Winds / Temp Maps


Aviation Digital Data Service, Winds Aloft Plots

  Incident Information System


Real-time Wildfire Information and Maps


USA Weather, Fronts and JetStream Maps

  Wind Visualization Site


Cool wind visualization site


Wind across the SW

  RAWS Remote Weather Stations


Lots of remote weatherstations, set Network to RAWS




  New Mexico Real time Weather


New Mexico Real-Time Weather

      Belen - E80


   Real-time weather for E80  (Belen)

     Double Eagle - AEG


   Real-time weather for AEG (Double Egale)

      Albuquerque - ABQ


   Real-time weather for ABQ (Albuquerque)

     Angel Fire - AXX


   Real-time weather for AXX (Angle Fire)

     Grants - GNT


   Real-time weather for GNT (Grants)

     Socorro - ONM


   Real-time weather for ONM (Socorro)

     Santa Fe - SAF


   Real-time weather for SAF (Santa Fe)

     T or C - TCS


   Real-time weather for TCS (T or C)

     Cuba - 4SL


   Real-time weather for 4SL (Cuba)

     Los Alamos - LAM


   Real-time weather for LAM (Los Alamos)

     Farmington - FNM


   Real-time weather for FMN (Farmington)

     Taos - SKX


   Real-time weather for SKX (Taos)

     St Johns, AZ - SJN


   Real-time weather for SJN (St Johns, AZ)

     Gallup - GUP


   Real-time weather for GUP (Gallup)

      Las Vegas - LVS


   Real-time weather for LVS (Las Vegas)

      Sierra Blanca - SRR


   Real-time weather for SRR (Sierra Blanca)



Special Use Airspace (MOP, Restricted etc)


Graphical TFR’s




Airport Directory, linked to Skyvector


Aeronautical Sectional Charts




Albuquerque Ultralight Association Message Board


New Mexico Trikers Message Board


My favorite trike board




Flying Gear and Instruction


The Aerotrike Cobra


Best place for flying gear


My flight instructor's site


Lots of Good Mountain Flying Safety Advice




Mission planning


USAPhotomaps, the ultimate mission planning tool


NASA World Wind, the ultimate earth viewer


Google Earth, best high resolution imagery


Abandoned airfields in the USA




Trike Flightlog Sites


My Blog page ot


Damien’s cool trike video site


Chris Berard’s Idaho triking photo site


My channel on YouTube


Frode Leikvoll’s Norwegian trike picts and video


Gert Coetzee’s South African flight logs and videos


Ole’s great collection of flying stories and picts




Miscellaneous Cool Site


Amazing aviation photos


Crazy aviation video and photos


Sundogs, arcs, rings, rainbows, and more


The Inner Art of Airmanship