Jeff's Flight Log
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Welcome to Jeff’s Flight Log,

I got into trike flying for the scenic views, and New Mexico is about the most perfect place you can imagine for it.

I kept a diary during my training, and when I started flying my trike it was only natural to keep a detailed flight log. At first the log was for myself, to savor the experience and reminisce with my pictures afterwards. I was emailed a few of these early logs to my friends, and they wanted more. It soon became easier to put them up on the web instead of clogging their in-boxes, and thus “Jeff’s Flight Log” was born.

Every flight is an adventure.

Try the photo album and movies first, then a few of my more recent flight logs.

Blue horizons. 

        -- Jeff 

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The picture in the top frame of is of me, bringing my Cobra in for a landing at Mexicam Mountain Airtstrip, Utah. It was taken by Mike Marker, who occasionally flies with me, and owns a couple 3-axis ELSA ultralights.  Thanks for the picture Mike.

My fourth article for Light Sport and Ultralight Flying Magazine will be published in the May 2011 issue. It covers the New Mexico Trikers Rendezvous held at the Espanola Airport, on Memorial Day Weekend 2010. I may be a little biased because they have published my stories, but I really like this magazine. Light Sport and Ultralight Flying. It has the best coverage of trikes, and lots of good practical articles and interesting stories. So subscribe now to my favorite flying magazine if you want to read the story in print.


Colorado Trike Flying, September 2008, Pagosa from jeffsflightlog on Vimeo.

Colorado Trike Flying, July 2008, Alamosa, Creede & the Rio Grande Gorge from jeffsflightlog on Vimeo.

Right: Finally got in close for a good look at that vent in the back corner of the canyon. Check out the Cerro Negro Flightlog.


Left: Why we fly


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